Beard transplant surgery is performed by Este Future surgeons very carefully and with a enthusiastic artistic eye.

The inability to grow facial hair is a problem for many men, whether due to injury, surgery, trauma or other causes. The lack of hair growth in the face may cause a deterioration in self-esteem , as most men seek a more masculine appearance.

Beard Transplant Procedure

Beard transplant surgeons in Este Future in Turkey collect hair from the back of the scalp (donor area) in small follicular units ( 1 – 3 hairs at a time) after anesthesia. For the most natural looking results, grafts are placed at an angle that mimics the existing hair.

At Este Future in Istanbul, Turkey, The specialist doctor meets your desire to get the shape of the beard that you want using the latest technologies in the field of hair transplant which are characterized by speed and achieving better results in terms of density without causing any scar as the traditional used methods.

This procedure takes about 3-4 hours

Before & After (Beard Transplant)

Good Candidates for Beard Transplant

Good candidates for beard transplant in Turkey are men in general good health with:

  • Spotty or patchy areas in the beard region.
  • Sufficient hair growth on the back or sides of the head.
  • Realistic expectations.

After the Procedure

The medical staff of Este Future aims to give you the most realistic and natural results for life. they will restore your natural appearance by following the same direction of hair growth. So, nobody will notice transplantation.

Following the procedure, there may be some minimal scabbing and the new implanted hairs may start to fall out, however the cells and glands which foster the hairs are firmly in place. So in about three months, your beard will begin growing normally and the transplanted hair in the beard will grow like any hair growing in the face with the same quality and characteristics.