FUE Hair Transplant Mega Sessions in Turkey

Patients who are looking to do their hair transplant in Turkey are always looking for more developed and advanced techniques and methods to plant the maximum hair grafts at the minimum number of sessions. That’s why at Este Future, we label any hair transplant surgery that demands 3000 grafts or more as a “Mega Session”. Our Patients will have a more realistic and natural look with less hair transplant sessions when we perform these Single-Sessions surgery.

When we associate the dense packing and FUE “Follicular unit transplantation” in one mega session we will be providing our patients with amazing results in one single surgery.

Here at Este Future we are certain that this method is the best way to keep on with the movement of the hair transplantation surgeries and it would be a big and important part of the future of this industry to provide the best results and the most natural look.

The Advantages of FUE Mega Sessions in Turkey include:

  • Less surgeries to restore the hair.
  • Makes the hair grafts stronger and give it a longer life.
  • Minimum number of scars to the donor area
  • Unimagined results.
  • No delays between surgeries.
  • Overall better value.

FUE Mega Sessions always give us amazing results and of course we can’t overlook the fact that it’s one of safest ways to do hair transplant in Turkey especially when the people who do it are certified and experienced surgeons alongside experienced nurses and trichologists. You will not get this treatment for any other hospital because it takes years and years of practice as well as thousands and thousands of patients and surgeries to reach this level and to gain the trust of many patients around the world.

The Development of FUE Techniques

FUE has had a long history behind it staring from the first generation which involved what we call mini and micro grafting but the downside of that first generation was that both the recipient site and the grafts both of them were large – larger than 2.5mm-. Therefore we had to make some space between the grafts which meant that the patients needed more sessions in order to get the natural look that they want.

After that we had the advent of Microscopic dissection, which made it easy for us to crop the Follicular units from the donor area, these units were smaller than the replaced grafts which meant that we had smaller recipient area and less space between the grafts therefore we had better results and less damage to the scalp.

The less space we had for the recipient area the better the results were, because that allowed the new hair to be denser and gave it a more natural look. What used to take 2-6 sessions now can be achieved in one session and with better results! 

Este Future - The Donor Area

The Donor Area

In the beginning, these surgeries had the average of 2000 to 3000 follicular unit grafts in size. The downside here was the size of the donor area which used to be 1.3 cm wide and 28-30 cm long. These sessions were known at the time as mega sessions but day in day out, year in year out that changed and we developed it more and more to reach the phase we are in now where we do mega sessions to more than 6000 follicular unit with unimagined results.

Through out the years we saw with our own eyes that there is no limit to the development of FUE, there is no doubt that FUE made a revelation in the industry and we were right there leading that revelation and we will keep on working to develop more techniques and methods to provide our patients with the most natural look at the best value.


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