Hair Transplant With Este FutureWhy You Should Choose Este Future For Hair Transplant ?ESTE FUTURE

Este Future, with its more than 10 years of experience, with its private clinics and expert team, replaces the hair lost by more than 50,000 people a year and offers you a guarantee certificate for each root hair transplanted.
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Este Future provides a satisfying experience to its patients by using the latest technology devices and the skills of its specialist doctors.

With Sapphire and Cho─▒ technique, it analyzes the type of transplantation suitable for the hair follicles of its patients and performs hair transplantation accordingly.

Este Future, who treats more than 50,000 patients annually, is seeing satisfactory results. Come on, book your place for a hair transplant opportunity in Turkey.

Hair Transplant Opportunity in Turkey
cutting-edge Sapphire and CHOI technique
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01Hair Transplant Opportunity in Turkey

Este Future gives you an excellent hair transplant experience with its expert Turkish doctors.

02Sapphire Technique

ome amount of hair grafts can be unproductive during 6-8 hours of operation since they wait to be transplanted.

While preserved in a special liquid and in a cold atmosphere, the percentage of living productive grafts increase.

As a result, more healthy grafts are transplanted and the results are more dense.

Also, special sapphire tools are used while opening the channels which are the tiny holes into which the grafts are inserted) Sapphire tools do not create scars on the head and the healing time is short after the operation.

03CHOI Technique

During procedure, 2-6 Choi implanter pens are used concurrently.

The different sizes allow the fitting of single, double and triple follicular units.

The idea behind this technique is to combine making channel incision and implantation of grafts.

04Life and Hair Root Guarantee

Este Future guarantees that there will be no harm to your health during the operation and offers a guarantee document for each root hair transplanted.

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