FUE Hair Transplant Mega Sessions in Turkey

Patients who are looking to do their hair transplant in Turkey are always looking for more developed and advanced techniques and methods to plant the maximum hair grafts at the minimum number of sessions. That’s why at Este Future, we label any hair transplant surgery that demands 3000 grafts or more as a “Mega Session”. Our Patients will have a more realistic and natural look with less hair transplant sessions when we perform these Single-Sessions surgery.

When we associate the dense packing and FUE “Follicular unit transplantation” in one mega session we will be providing our patients with amazing results in one single surgery.

Here at Este Future we are certain that this method is the best way to keep on with the movement of the hair transplantation surgeries and it would be a big and important part of the future of this industry to provide the best results and the most natural look.

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