The Place of Hair Transplantation in Turkey

In recent years, Turkey has grown rapidly in health tourism as well as summer and winter tourism and has taken its place in the top 5 of the world in health tourism. Turkey, which welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists from the Middle East and European countries every year, visited Turkey in 2021 for hair transplantation. Contrary to what was thought, the majority of the tourists coming for hair transplantation were not Middle Eastern citizens, but European citizens. Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Çakmak stated that hair transplantation has a share of approximately 50 percent in health tourism and that Turkey ranks first in the world in hair transplantation. It is close to 500 thousand. The exact number we obtained from council members is around 498 thousand. There are some numbers that we cannot obtain, because institutions that cannot be members of the council are also doing this work. Therefore, our estimation is that we are in the first place in hair transplantation in the world with a number of more than 500 thousand. An average of 2 thousand people. “We earn around 2 thousand 500 euros. Therefore, we have a return of 1-1.5 billion dollars to our country’s economy from hair transplantation alone,” he said.

Cost of a Hair Transplant

Is it advantageous to have a hair transplantation in Turkey?

Turkey is in the top five of the world in the field of health tourism. In the hair transplantation sector, which is a more private area, it is the 1st in the world. It is in its location. Turkey is very rich in terms of hair transplant hospitals and centers, however, the city that operates the most in hair transplant is Istanbul. Istanbul; In terms of cultural and historical heritage, it attracts the attention of tourists and becomes even more attractive thanks to the social advantage it provides when they come to have hair transplantation.  Another advantage of having a hair transplant in Turkey is that Turkey ranks first in hair transplant practice and training specialists compared to other countries in the world.

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