Organic Hair Transplant

Organic hair transplantation is a treatment that allows individuals who experience hair loss (baldness and hair thinning) to grow new hair instead of the hair that has been lost without performing hair transplantation. Stem cell therapy does not provide as much efficiency as hair transplantation and the success rate is lower than hair transplantation. The reason can be interpreted as the number of stem cells produced in the body of individuals who experience baldness in their middle age is one in half a million.

DHI Hair Transplant Organic Hair Transplant

Stem Cell Therapy

All tissues and organs in the human body are made up of cells. As long as cells are alive, they can renew themselves and evolve into different types of cells. These living cells, called stem cells, can divide and multiply. It is possible for millions of cells to form from a single living cell. The stem cell that enables this can also divide and multiply to renew itself.

Although stem cells cannot provide oxygen transport and hormonal and neural transmission, they form cells that must fulfill these functions. The stem cell, which has the ability to renew itself during its lifetime, transforms into different cells in line with the body’s needs. However, as people age, the number of stem cells produced decreases. While 1 out of every 10 thousand cells is a stem cell in newborn babies, the average stem cell in a 65-year-old individual is only 1 stem cell out of 1 million cells. Due to the decrease in the number of stem cells with aging, damaged tissues and organs cannot be adequately repaired or become repairable in a longer time. For this reason, stem cell therapy is a very common form of treatment in treating many diseases that can result in death, even in some types of cancer, skin regeneration, and hair transplantation.

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