Regional Hair Transplantation

Hair loss does not always appear simultaneously in all areas of the head, in some cases hair loss occurs only at certain points on the head. “Regional hair transplantation” is applied in such cases. Hair follicles are taken from the donor area and implanted in the thinning areas on the head. Since it is not transplanted to the whole head, such cases are called “regional hair transplantation”. Although the DHI method is generally used in such cases, the Sapphire (sapphire) method can also be used.

Hair Transplant regional hair transplantation

What is Hair Transplant?  Regional hair transplantation.

A hair transplant is one of the common types of plastic surgery and organ transplant. It is the transfer of hair follicles taken from the back of the head, which is resistant to baldness, to the area where the hair is shed. However, in today’s technology, the patient who will have a hair transplant operation can only be a donor himself 

There are two most preferred methods for hair transplant. The first method is DHI and the second method is Sapphire. The subject of choosing these two methods differs from person to person. Depending on the region where the intake and transplantation process will take place, the method that will provide the most efficiency to the patients is preferred.

What is Hair Tightening?

Hair tightening is a type of hair transplantation method used by people who have thinned hair as a result of hair loss. DHI method is generally used in hair tightening operations. Depending on the situation and nature of the case, the Sapphire method may be used exceptionally.
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