What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, that is, PRP is a medical treatment method applied in the form of injecting the blood taken from the patient’s own blood and undergoing the necessary procedures into the tissues that are planned to be treated. It is a form of treatment mostly used by people who have hair loss problems or those who want their skin to look younger, as well as this method can be applied to heal damaged, injured tendons, muscles or joints.


What is PRP?

Prp is a form of treatment performed by injecting the substance obtained from the patient’s own blood into his own body. The injected substance is platelet-enriched plasma. Plasma is a component of blood that allows blood to clot and contains special cells called platelets or different factors and proteins. In addition, plasmas contain major proteins that promote cell growth. By isolating and concentrating the plasma from blood cells, scientists obtained a blood component called PRP, which is a platelet-rich plasma.

With the injection of PRP, which is rich in platelets, into the damaged tissues, it ensures the growth of healthy cells in the body. According to researchers, PRP is also thought to help heal defective tissues. Since the tissue growth factors are more concentrated in the platelet-rich injection material, which is isolated and concentrated from the blood cells of the plasma, the healing process in the body tissues is accelerated.

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How is PRP Treatment Done?

The PRP treatment process varies between approximately 30 and 60 minutes. The procedure first begins by collecting the patient’s blood with the help of a tube. Plasma, which is very rich in platelets, is separated from other components of the blood by centrifugation method and used. Because platelets are known as a natural reserve for growth factors needed to repair damaged tissues. Growth hormones secreted by platelets support collagen secretion and promote tissue healing by increasing protein and gene expression in tendon stem cells. These growth-promoting factors also increase blood flow and help cartilage become harder.

PRP injection can also be done in different types. For example, in order to prevent hair loss, lidocaine, a local anesthetic solution, can be applied if deemed necessary by your physician before it is injected into the scalp.


How is PRP applied?


The PRP injection process is carried out by specialist physicians who have been trained for this procedure. The process is performed in the following order.

  • In the first step, sufficient blood is taken from the patient by the medical healthcare professional to prepare the PRP to be injected. The amount of blood taken differs according to the purpose for which PRP will be performed. For example, if it is to be done to solve the problem of hair loss, the amount of blood to be taken for this is 20 milliliters on average.
  • The blood taken into the tube as sterile is placed in a centrifuge device. Separation takes place within 15-20 minutes on average. The purpose of the separation process is to separate platelets from other blood components.
  • The plasma separated into its components is made ready for injection into the determined area. In this step, concentrated platelet-containing plasma is obtained.
  • Imaging methods such as ultrasound are used to inject into the areas that are planned to be treated, such as the skin.
  • After determining the area to be injected, the prepared PRP is injected into the area.



Since the injection contains platelets 10 times more than normal blood, PRP applied supports healing. The process that starts with blood collection can vary between half an hour and an hour on average.

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Why is PRP Applied?

PRP is used to support and accelerate the healing process and to reduce inflammation. Since PRP contains concentrated platelets, it is a supportive factor in many issues such as secretion of growth hormones in health problems and accelerating the healing process. Platelet activation plays an important role in the body’s natural healing process and plenty of platelets are injected into the problem area with PRP.

The fact that it is obtained from the person’s own blood and the process is completed under the control of a specialist physician is an important factor in order not to cause side effects or damage. According to scientific and academic research, the benefits of PRP therapy have not yet been fully proven, since PRP injection is a new form of treatment.

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What are the Uses of PRP Treatment?

PRP injections can be used in the treatment of many ailments, as prescribed by your doctor.

Among the most used and preferred treatments of PRP injection are the following;

  • Hair Loss Treatments: PRP injection is one of the first treatments that come to mind for patients with hair loss. PRP treatment to promote hair growth and hair
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